…Edelweiss Café, a place you can’t miss in Penang…

…Edelweiss Café, a place you can’t miss in Penang…

Thinking of where you can spent you quality time with your loves one or with your family in Penang, this might be one of the best solution for all of you, Edelweiss Café!

I spent my Christmas Eve with xiangyun at this very classic café which found in Penang!

I was scratching my head before this, hardly to get a romantic and unique place to spent my Christmas Eve dinner with xiangyun, so I went online,  typing some keywords just hope to hit one of them, then this café caught my attention…. Although I’m a Penangites, it wasn’t easy for me to look for a nice place just to have my sweet time…hehe…

And here I recommend you, Edelweiss Café……A place where serve you genuine Swiss Cuisines…

I was too late to book a place for two on that Christmas Eve morning as the waiter told me the café was fully booked… And he gave me the owner phone, and Teresa picked up the phone, she assured me that she will try her best to put an extra table for me, that night was awesome! The food, the surroundings and…Thank you so much, that we had a great Christmas!

And sharing with you the foods…

Smoked pork belly

Pumpkin soup

Smoked salmon set…

How to get there?

38,Armenian Street,Penang Malaysia…


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4 Responses to …Edelweiss Café, a place you can’t miss in Penang…

  1. eyriquegoh says:

    Reblogged this on Gastronomical adventure with Dr.E and commented:
    Such a majestic nostalgic place….. A conquest to explore

  2. wing says:

    went to explore yesterday, din able to locate it, seems like already change to a new name..

  3. limshouzhi says:

    It was under reconstruction until end of the June…hehe

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