…Sharing…Smacked down!!!

Guys, sharing with you my pity patient who admitted to my ward, this baby boy, day 12 of life, has been thru the worst situation no one has ever imagine of it!!!

From the X-ray attached here, what can you see? You are right, he suffered closed right femur fracture! And the worst part is how it happened…

According to the mother, the baby was sleeping beside her, while she was tried to wake up, she suddenly out of balance and her elbow hit direct to her baby right thigh, from what I can imagine was almost alike those WWF wrestlers in the ring…

Can you imagine how much force needed to break this bone?

And now, our management to this pity boy was on gallow traction, which minimum need at least 3 weeks hospital stays… poor baby…

Conclusion, there’s a reason why we advised mothers have to sleep isolated with newborn, if not, this maybe the consequences…

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2 Responses to …Sharing…Smacked down!!!

  1. Kanivannen says:

    And I got to review daily for next 3 weeks!!!!!

  2. limshouzhi says:

    yeala,but what to do?

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