…Sharing…Bowel Incontinence…

Well, sharing with you what I’ve encountered at pediatric clinic today.

And in my personal opinion, this issue should  get the attention of all young parents and future parents.

A parent brought their 7 y.o son to me at clinic today, saying that their son having bowel incontinence since school age. Which means unable to control his bowel movement ever since started school age, claiming that mostly he will passed motion on his pants…

Then I was wondering, why only during school age? Previously at home, he did went to toilet himself and was well trained!

Why only during school age?

Like usual, I performed a whole physical examination on him, including PR (per rectum). Everything normal, and the anal tone present!

So, what’s wrong with this child?

I tried to further investigate this child by asking his daily life and activities, his diet, his previous(before school) bowel movement and all, still normal finding…

Then…Why this child cannot control his bowel movement?

Further conversation with his parent noticed that he doesn’t want to defecate elsewhere but only home.

Why home?

Then I realized, I started to asked him, “Is it because you used toilet bowl at home and don’t want to use squat toilet at school?”

Then he said,”Yes, he said he can’t poo on squatting because he don’t know!”

Ok, then problem solved! The child is ok, but it is the problem with the toilet…

So, how many of you trained you children to be used of both kind of toilet? I believed that in this modern day, most of them only know how to passed motion via toilet bowl.

Things changed with time, including toilet training, those young generation never exposed to squat toilet while they were at home. Once they went to school or somewhere where no toilet bowl available, they will try to wait until they get home, if they failed, maybe you will notice they will poo in their pants too. But, in Malaysia, most of the government school were built at sixties to seventies. How you expect there’s a toilet bowl unless they renovated it…

This is a habitual problems, we just need to train these child with proper way.

So, next time, when you noted this problem, please try to obverse and further investigate, parent plays an important role in this and no medication is needed…

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6 Responses to …Sharing…Bowel Incontinence…

  1. kc says:

    scared he fall in!

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Lol, true also…or maybe too many ghosts stories they’ve heard from the toilet!!!hehe…

  3. kiahju says:

    yalor yalor, y lots of ghost stories come from toilet har ?

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Dunno, maybe the creator imagination? hehe!

  5. kiahju says:

    i can still remember lots of ghosts stories in Chong Min….. thanks to those creator….hohoho

  6. limshouzhi says:

    Lol, me too, still remember!hehe…but I still hav to go poo poo la,hehe!

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