…A Day in Hat Yai…

…A Day in Hat Yai…

Riding the ‘Tuk-tuk’ local transportation…

This is a prologue of my next blog, Koh Lipe, the Maldives of Thailand.

Yes!   I went to Koh Lipe during my end posting leave, with Xiang Yun.   After considering so many places around Malaysia and others, we finally decided to venture out to this  so-called the Maldives of Thailand.

Lee Garden, the previous bombing site…

Koh Lipe, one of the most popular tourist hotspots for  island lovers to venture in Southern Thailand, after Phuket, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island and etc.   From the feedback I find it interesting and I decided to go there to experience it myself.

With xiangyun in Hat Yai…

Well, unlike other islands, Koh Lipe is easily assessible from October till May, from Langkawi and Pak Bara Pier, but from June till November it is only accessible from Pak Bara pier, as there’s no other way.

How to get to Koh Lipe from Malaysia? There are few ways to choose from;  a direct flight to Hat Yai airport and then to Pak Bara pier which is the fastest and most comfortable way. Secondly, a minivan from Komtar, Penang which charges RM30 per person  to Hat Yai then to Pak Bara Pier which is less comfortable and thirdly a train from Malaysia to Hat Yai, which cost the same price as the minivan, but you will be able to stretch your legs and sleep comfortably in the train and washroom is readily available at all times.

Inside the train

The interior view of the wagon…You can either choose the sleeping type or sitting one…

And I took the train. Initially planned to follow the tour to Koh Lipe, but the tour costs RM870 per person for 3 days 2 night, and the hotel they provided  did not look appealing.   So we decided to go backpack again, which took 4 days 3 nights, with an additional day in Hat Yai before we went to Koh Lipe.  (We will compare the prices with the tour agencies later.)

Our trip started on 11th of June at 5.00am from Bukit Mertajam to Hat Yai which took us about 6 hours. It was a pleasant ride, this is my 1st experience travelling with KTM(Keretapi Tanah Melayu) and it brought back some of the memories in Russia where we used to travel intercity with trains.

Hat Yai Junction

Hat Yai Train Station

This is my 1st travel to our neighbouring country, and finally, I’ve been to Hat Yai!

Due to the safety precaution in view of the recent bombing incident, we decided not to go far or hang around Hat Yai for too long, and sharing with you is a day trip we took to three temples in Hat Yai…

The smallest fire post I’ve ever seen…

Post Laser Disc Restaurant, accidentally found this restaurant at the middle of the city, and the Thai foods were simply delicious…

We took a ‘Tuk-Tuk’, a local transportation which cause RM50 for two for a day trip to 3 main temples at Hat Yai;  the Elephant Temple, The Buddha Temple and the Kuan Im Temple.  The three of them are located on the hill of Hat Yai Municipal Park.  According to our driver, you can reach these temples  by cable car which will cause you RM 20 per person for one way.

We’ve checked in Centara Hotel, previously known as Novotel, clean and spacious room included breakfast for two for just RM 160 per night! Awesome…

Sharing with you some of the pictures I took during my trip to Hat Yai…

At Hat Yai Municipal Park

Me@ Hat Yai Municipal Park

Arrays of bells @ Hat Yai Municipal Park

Hat Yai Municipal Park

At the Elephant Temple

The Elephant Temple

And here are some of the local delicacies…

The lychees are bigger than a ping-pong ball!!!

And stay tuned with me on my next entry as I will bring you guys to Koh Lipe, which known as The Maldives of Thailand.

…Koh Lipe, the Maldives of Thailand…

…Koh Lipe, the Maldives of Thailand,by limshouzhi’s photography…

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12 Responses to …A Day in Hat Yai…

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  4. limshouzhi says:

    My 1st time there, not bad,actually…hehe…

  5. Cecilia says:

    Hello there! Nice photos and good info on your trip. I plan to go to Hat Yai end of this month by KTM. Can I know like, how much does it cost from BM to Hat Yai by train? Do I have to get my tickets from Hat Yai to return to BM or does the ticket includes to and fro?

    Thanks !


  6. limshouzhi says:

    hey, thx for liking it! Erm… the price of the train tickets varies for sleeping and sitting types, so you can get the price online to KTM.com.my, as the price varies by seasons. And the return one, buy it once you reached Hat Yai to secure your seat, thats how I get them, I hope I can help u and enjoy ur trip! And share more from urs later! hehe…Enjoy!

  7. Kaylyn says:

    Hi there, may I know where did you get the ‘tuk tuk’ car service? I am planning to visit Hat Yai for a one day trip. Been looking for a cheap one day tour guide. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

  8. limshouzhi says:

    All the tuk-tuk juz outside the hotel, u juz need to be smart in bargaining…

  9. Kaylyn says:

    Thanks alot! 🙂

  10. wai says:

    hi, can iknow how much transfer from hatyai hotel to pakbara

  11. limshouzhi says:

    Well, im not so sure about that, because we bought the package including the transport, it was about 2000bht, if not mistaken…

  12. Pepin says:

    Hi, may i know the from Bukit Mertajam to Hatyai just 5.00am 1 route per day? How much the train fare?
    Besides, Did you take trains back to Bukit mertajam too? from Hatyai to Bukit Mertajam is what time?
    Thank you

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