…Eh AUNTIE!!!Stop calling me UNCLE!!!

I would like to wish all Muslims friends ” Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan”

…Sharing with you what I’ve met today…

I went to work in the Accident and Emergency department as usual today…

While I was busy clerking a case, a Chinese middle-aged woman brought her child in the department.

AUNTIE:” Uncle, sorry uncle, can you be my translator?  The doctor is a Malay and don’t   know how to speak in Malay!”

She really gets on my nerves by calling me uncle, while I was dressed in my blue gown, holding my stethoscope….But, I patiently asked her to wait as I’m attending another patient.

After 5 minutes…

AUNTIE:” Uncle, can you come to be my translator!!!” (WTF!!!, Can’t she see that I’m a doctor as well!!!”, she really irritated me by the second time!)Yet, I still replied to her wait for a while as I’m attending a epilepsy patient.

Can’t she just wait patiently, I will attend your son later, as her son general appearance is better than my patient, some more, she just need a translator and not a doctor!

Another 5 minutes…

AUNTIE:” UNCLE! Can’t you just come over and translate for me!!!!!”

This time I sound back to her, “AUNTIE, can’t you see that I’m a doctor also?”
Then she silent for while…(Yet, I still have to translate for her)

Haiz… I’m totally speechless, I don’t know what to say…

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3 Responses to …Eh AUNTIE!!!Stop calling me UNCLE!!!

  1. wing says:

    Easy man, everyone in my dept get called as uncle and aunty all the time…. by someone older than us…

  2. hahaha…. Cheer up, Doctor Uncle~! 😉

  3. limshouzhi says:


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