…Hospital, a safer place?…

Well, for those who think that hospital is a safer place, then I advised you to think twice before you come to hospital.

After the incident of ceiling collapses at Emergency Department of Hospital Serdang, hurting of four medical staffs, just merely within fortnight, another incident of ceiling collapses in the hospital!!!

This time, also Emergency Department, but not in Serdang, it happened in Emergency Department, Hospital Taiping, the place I worked. Luckily this time, no one was injured as the bed was empty…So, maybe you won’t see this news appears as a headline elsewhere in the local newspaper, just a sharing from me…

It was a busy night, especially Taiping is a major ‘Balik Kampung’ destination, the department was overloaded with patients, some of them even sitting on the chair at the corner in the department, waiting to be attended…And out of sudden, we heard a loud voice,at 1st we thought patient fell down from the bed, then we saw this…

Sharing some pictures of last night incident…Malaysia Boleh!

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