…Don’t ever try this!…

Guys, sharing with you another interesting case which I found this is almost impossible to happen, but it happened just in front of me.

Currently I’m working as a ‘floating’ MO at casualty department, for your information, ‘floating’ means temporary working while awaiting for official letter to tell me where I should be posted after houseman ship.

As usual I went to work in the morning, once I stepped into red zone, the bell rang! We were wonder what case could it be in the early in the morning! And there came a middle age gentleman, telling us that he was attempted to induce vomiting by putting a metal spoon in his throat, ended up swallowed it!

Sharing with you the x-ray which we took on that day…

Guys, don’t ever try to induce vomit by this, or else you might be ended like him!

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3 Responses to …Don’t ever try this!…

  1. Julian Tong says:

    Hey, are you planning to specialize? 🙂

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Hi, currently I’m planned to further my study into emergency medicine, hehe!

  3. Tan LC says:

    I’m curious how this spoon been taken out. Mind to share?

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