…Old Town, Cafe Hopping…

Had a day off with Xiangyun, instead of going back to hometown Penang, we decided to venture into the heart of Ipoh, hunting for the finest white coffees in Malaysia.

I’m sure everyone knows Old Town, one of the major franchise cafes which is famous for it’s white coffee.

Sharing with you the two famous coffee shops which we went in the old town of Ipoh.

For your info, getting there is not difficult as we GPS, even for the 1st timer like me, getting there just a peace of cake with the help of GPS. 😛

Ipoh Old Town ( Nam Heong Coffee Shop )
怡保旧街场 ( 南香茶室 )
2, Jalan Bandar Timah,
Ipoh Perak, 30000

Ipoh Old Town (Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop )
怡保旧街场 ( 新源隆茶室 )

15A, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh Perak

I suggest you try both of them in one shot, the coffee shops are just opposite to each other.

I prefer the white coffee from Nam Heong coffee shop, as there’s a strong aroma and not too sweet. Compared with the white coffee from Sin Yoon Loong, the coffee is a bit too sweet. And from the pictures, you can see that there are more bubbles from Nam Heong compared with Sin Yoon Loong.

Other places of interests in Ipoh? You can visit to these caves temples which is just along the main road. From the left, Kek Lok Tong Temple, the mid picture, a face, said to resemble that of Lord Buddha, Nam Thean Tong Temple, and on the right, Sam Poh Tong Temple.

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A day in Ipoh

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5 Responses to …Old Town, Cafe Hopping…

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  2. kelvin says:

    I’ve tried the coffee before, indeed very nice and texture very smooth. The food stall there sell very nice food as well especially the curry mee

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  3. limshouzhi says:


  4. Mirae says:

    waaaaa the coffee looks very Gao ya… like it!
    I feel like going to try when I am heading north next round.

  5. limshouzhi says:

    U mst try, the coffee there!

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