…My Pet, The Malaysian Rhinoceros Beetle…

Malaysian Rhinoceros beetle.1See, this is what I found in my hospital 2 days ago! Thanks to Nuraini who told me that he got lost somewhere in the pediatric ward… And thank god that our aborigines didn’t found him, if not I can’t hardly think of his fate…

So, he is now become the latest attraction in my accident and emergency department! Our mascot!

Malaysian Rhinoceros beetleIf you search thru internet, they called him Dynastinae or rhinoceros beetle. And what we got here is Malaysian Rhinoceros Beetle…

He reminds me of my childhood memories… I used to keep them as pet when I was in secondary school but not as beautiful as this one, and the last time I saw a three horn rhinoceros beetle in wild (not to say in butterfly farm) was about 10 years ago…

Malaysian Rhinoceros beetle.2See, he is hugging the apple…..

Malaysian Rhinoceros beetle.3

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4 Responses to …My Pet, The Malaysian Rhinoceros Beetle…

  1. kiahju says:


  2. limshouzhi says:


  3. Rachaelle says:

    Hi ! I was goggling about rhinoceros beetle and I stumbled upon your blog. I found one yesterday inside my house in KL. I guess it must be the hot and hazy weather that drove the little (actually he is 6 inches long) into my house. Now its sitting inside a little plastic aquarium in my toilet and I completely have no idea how to take care of it. Any advise ?

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Well, its pretty easy to take care of this small creatures, he feed on fruit juices or vegetables, like what I put there, a slice of apple and it last for 2-3 days…

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