…Sapa, a great escape from the concrete jungle…

…Sapa, a great escape from the concrete jungle…

Sapa 2013.18Sapa, a beautiful mountainous town in Northern Vietnam alongside with border of China, here are where several ethnic minority groups still continue their daily routine life with their own traditional way.

Sapa 2013.4This is the place where the beauty of the nature is still at its pristine,  not fully exploited and commercialized picturesque sceneries where you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

This is the time for you to turn off your phone or internet, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life and just rest and relax and enjoy the beauty of nature…

Sapa 2013.19Agriculture remains their main source of income. People here are still living their old way, maintaining their simple life.  Men taking their smoking pipes in the morning before going to work while the women knitting and cooking at the house waiting for their loved ones to return from work.

 Well, to our surprise, some of them who are in contact with the foreign tourists can even speak fluent English!

Sapa 2013.21The easiest way to get to Sapa is by overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, then from Lao Cai by minibus for another hour to reach Sapa.

There are few options for the train, the best, of course, is by Victoria Express specially for tourists with 5 star services. We travelled by using their domestic  train which is less comfortable, but is still able to provide sufficient rest for us to continue our schedule on the next morning.

Sapa 2013.5Beware!  While you are travelling by using their domestic train, some of passengers will only get to buy a standing ticket or a place to sit along the corridor.  They will try pushing their luck by taking or sharing your seat.  Don’t be too kind hearted sharing your seat with them or else you yourself will suffer.

Another tip for you before you go is to try to avoid your travel during raining seasons. The night we boarded our train in Hanoi, there was a thunderstorm and raining heavily, but we were lucky as it was sunny day when we reached Sapa.

Sapa 2013.29 We reached Lao Cai at 0500, picked up by the minibus and head straight to Sapa and reached our hotel at 0630. After breakfast, we were greeted by our guide, and began our great escape to Sapa!

Most of our activities here were just walking and visiting the local village which was inhabited by different tribes.  And also not to forgot to enjoy the beauty of mother nature, breathtaking picturesque sceneries along our way.

Sapa 2013.12Our first stop was Cat Cat and Sin Chai villages of Black H’mong tribe. It was a total of 8 km walking distance.  Tired and exhausted, yet, delighted that we get to see and experienced the locals daily activities, their living, their diet and how they managed their live stocks. After that we continue our walk to visit H’mong hydroelectric built by the French and the waterfall in Cat Cat.

Sapa 2013.15Our first day tour in Sapa ended in the afternoon.  Don’t forget to pay your visit to Sapa Market in the evening, where you can encounter lots of goods and souvenirs at very cheap prices.  And maybe to get some foot or body massage before you end your tiring day for a really nice slumber.

Sapa 2013.6On day two, continue to explore the other parts of Sapa by visiting Lao Cai Village; to visit the Black H’mong tribes and Dzay people in Ta Van village, and get the opportunity to have lunch with them experiencing their foods. The view along the way was breathtaking, I have to admit that even in my country where we got terrace of paddy field, but nothing compared to the scenic view which I saw in Sapa.

Sapa 2013.20Another place which I would like to recommend to you guys is Hamrong Mountain Sapa, a garden which is located at the center of the town,  where all different kinds of floras can be found.   At the top of the mountain in the garden you will be able to see the whole view of Sapa.

Sapa 2013.17Well, it is was rather hard to bid goodbye to such a wonderful place.  It was the end of the 2nd day as we need to catch another night train back to Hanoi before we head to Halong bay. I’m glad that I’ve been to Sapa, it was truly amazing…

Sapa 2013.10[Edited by Jo]

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  5. wing says:

    wow, I think this place is far better than halong bay!

  6. limshouzhi says:


  7. Serine says:

    Been there last december . Seen the cloud yard also …. That’s amazing and the 1st time we had been seeing such a grand cloud yard like a silver river in the valley of the mountain. Far better and clean than our Cameron.

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