…Venturing Halong Bay, the new seven wonders of nature…

…Venturing Halong Bay, the new seven wonders of nature…

Halong Bay 2013.3Halong Bay, recognized as one of the new seven wonders of nature is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is located at the Gulf of Tonkin, consisting of some 1600 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape limestone pillars.

It has always been my dream to visit this spectacular wonder of nature since 10 years ago when I heard about it, and finally I’ve made it to Halong Bay.

Halong Bay 2013.10For those who wants to visit Halong Bay, the easiest way is to take the tour from Hanoi which includes  transport and accommodation.  Recommended 2 days 1 night tour which you will stay overnight on the cruise which harbor somewhere in the middle of the gulf surrounded by those magnificent islands and islets.  Average price ranging between 90usd and 150usd depending on what kind of cruise you choose.

Halong Bay 2013.12The other option you have is to take the day tour which you will be brought back to the jetty in the evening, which is less attractive as you will be missing the sunset and sunrise by the Halong Bay.

We reached Hanoi from Sapa at 0500 in the morning,  while waiting for the pickup to Halong Bay at 0800 where we met my father at the hotel.  It was raining heavily that morning when we reached Hanoi, and again I remind everyone one of you to make sure you travel during the dry season.  As the night before our arrival to Halong Bay, there was a heavy thunderstorm at Halong Bay, and all the cruises were unable to set sails but were only able to tie their junks together at the harbor to prevent them being hit by the strong waves.

Halong Bay 2013.5We were lucky as it was sunny by the time we reached Halong Bay on that day.

We boarded ‘Oriental Sails’ which we bought earlier from Haprotic office.  There were eight of us altogether including my family, one Australian and two Spanish.  The crews were friendly and soon after we boarded the cruise, we were greeted with a sumptuous lunch! We got servings of four meals throughout the whole sail, but you need to pay for the drinks which are not included.

Our first stop was Sung Sot Cave, or popularly known as Cave of Surprises which is the largest cave in Halong Bay.  There are a few chambers in the cave, which each one getting bigger and bigger, and you will amaze by the beautiful limestone in the cave.

Halong Bay 2013.7Next after visiting the cave, get yourself surrounded by the spectacular environment at the heart of Halong Bay by canoeing on your own.  Don’t forget to do some squid fishing after dinner.  Most of the cruise are equipped with sport light at the deck that will attract the squid to swim towards the cruise, and the peak season for squid fishing is during January till March.  Our luck wasn’t good enough as we didn’t get any of them.

Sunset at Halong Bay was another great experience to me as the view was superb, and to photogenic people like me, this is heaven!

Halong Bay 2013.11After a nice rest on the boat, don’t forget to catch the sunrise at Halong Bay, and practising Tai-Chi conducted by the crew.

A reminder to all travellers, do tip the ship crews generously as they own very little but the services they provide were nice.

Halong Bay 2013.9Next, follow me to venture into Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, sharing with you what I’ve seen and met there…

[edited by Jo]

Halong Bay 2013.2Halong Bay 2013.13Edited by Jo

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