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…Breakfast in Ipoh… Foh San Dim Sum

…Breakfast in Ipoh… Foh San Dim Sum Already back to Malaysia for summer holidays for 2 weeks… hehe! My schedule was full with foods! Everyday, I was bring by my family, cousins, or friends to different places just to eat… … Continue reading

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…My Blueberry Cheese Cake…

…My Blueberry Cheese Cake…     Cheese cake, so what do you think about it? Well, I’ll be full after taking the 1st slice, hardly giving me the chance to have the second one. That’s my opinion on cheese cake. … Continue reading

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The Longevity Noodles…

The Longevity Noodles…     Longevity Noodles, what is this? I’m sure there’ll be lots of question marks when a non-Chinese come across this name…   It’s a kind of noodles, which Chinese people have been eating since centuries ago, … Continue reading

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T . Bowl…

T . Bowl = Toilet Bowl I thk everyone of us sure will knw wat is the usage of the toilet bowl right? To passed the… and to drained it… Wah! he is our best friend ler, it’s hard for … Continue reading

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