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All pictures taken are properties of limshouzhi’s photography, (except those which were not labeled). Copyright reserved and you have to get my permission to use my pictures for any purposes.

If you are interested  or wanted to purchase the rights for any of my pictures, you can contact me thru this e-mail:


…limshouzhi’s photography…

8 Responses to Contact Me!

  1. Rachelle Foong says:

    Hi, May i know is it true that you can self drive n explore to mossy forest ? going next week ^^


  2. limshouzhi says:

    Yup,juz the road a bit narrow,you must have a good skill ya! follow the signboard and you will reach the car park,the just walk and explore youself! if you r not sure on how to go,juz ask along the way,they would like to show you the way…;)And enjoy your trip,share wf me your experiences if you dun mind!hehe…

  3. Tony Louis says:

    Hi, I’m tony from London England. I am visiting Thailand next year for 6 months and one of the islands I’m visiting is KOH LIPE. How did you find the castaways resort to stay in and are there any alternatives to getting on a speed boat which is overloaded with passengers and luggage? I read about your experience of traveling on a speed boat to KOH LIPE

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Hi tony, sorry for the late reply,you can booked the castaways resort thru internet, and for the transportation, I think there is only one way to get there, though it is a bit uncomfortable, but the island is awesome!

  5. Lim Teik Wee says:

    Hi Shouzhi,thks for the info.I m thinking want to bring my kids(4 & 7) to hat yai by train.Do u think its safe & any idea kids places?..not like seaside or temple.
    Thk u.
    Lim Teik Wee (Mr)

  6. limshouzhi says:

    HI, glad to meet you here, well, it’s safe to bring your kids with train, and I thk Hat Yai is a safe place now, coz the security being tighten up, so, dun worry, juz plan your trip and have a pleasure journey, enjoy!

  7. Joy says:

    Hi Zhi,

    I’m writing to you on behalf of Kiehl’s. We are doing a campaign to promote UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia, and we would like to use you one of you Lenggung Valley Photo (the one showing the compete set of bones). Will you be agreeable to let us use your image please? We will be doing a mini exhibition at Mid Valley Mega Mall and Pavilion in KL. We hope you’re agreeable as this is for a good cause, and we will credit you of course! please drop me a line at

    Thank you!

  8. limshouzhi says:

    Ok,no problem.😊 . ..can u tell me when is the exhibition. Maybe I can dropped by .

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