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…Beauty of Nature…Mushrooms Hunting!蘑菇.摄.影.集

…Beauty of Nature…Mushrooms Hunting! Mushrooms, the microscopic creatures in the forest… And these are what I got… Guys! Sharing with you are what I got from past 5 days, hehe! Mushrooms photo shooting… Once again I would like to thank … Continue reading

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A morning walk @ Meng Kuang Dam

A morning walk @ Meng Kuang Dam Meng Kuang Dam, located at Bukit Mertajam, Penang… A place where is suitable for all nature’s lovers to escape for the hustle and bustle from the hectic city life… Snapped some of the … Continue reading

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…The Living Heritage…

…The Living Heritage… …Eng Lee Blacksmith… I’m sure everyone will know when talking about the UNESCO World Heritage sites, as they are among the most famous tourist hotspots… But, how many of you know about the living heritage not recognized … Continue reading

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Penang,The Living Heritage…

1st of all, I would like to congrats Penang and Melaka, for being selected to be the Malaysia’s 1st site which are under the protection of UNESCO. This is such the biggest honour to be given to Malaysia! With this … Continue reading

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