All About Me,Zhi

Chapter 1,

It’s juz me,a simple human being,hehe…

Currently study in Russia for pursuing my medical degree,originate from Malaysia,Parit Buntar. ‘It’s a Kampung?’ No! It’s a town,30mins from Penang, hehe,but I call myself ‘Kampung Boy’! Because I growth from ‘Kampung’.hehe…

This is my hometown, where I become a man! hehehe…

SMJK Krian was where I start my secondary education… End up Form 6 in Heng Ee, Penang. Before i came here in NNSMA (Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy)

If u ask me to be your guide in Penang, I would definately say ‘Yes!’ Being a guide in Penang is not a big problems, because Penang is juz a small island, you wouldn’t loss wherever you go…hehe…

Study abroad broaden my eyes sight, I went to fews of others country (mostly European countries) and also experience thier different cultures, that’s wat i feel i will share with everybody who visit to my blog…

My Family

My family is where i called my ‘shelter’. My father and mother went thru lots of difficulties juz to raise me up, i love them so much…thx to you, papa and mama, hugz…

Brothers and sister accompany me and give thier support whatever I decided, thx to you all.

My Lov,Xiang Yun…currently we study together here… Thx for being with me in all the ups and downs…

Well, when talking about writing blog, Of course I prefer writting in Chinese, because my English isn’t that good due to i’m chinese educated, but I’m improving my English thru writting blog! And I hope you won’t laugh at me when see any mistake in my blog ya! Just let me know and I will recorrect it!

And once again, thanks for visiting my blog…



Chapter 2,

Well, starting from June 25th 2010, I’m no longer a medical student but a new graduate for this field, a Medical Doctor.

And I’m now already base in Malaysia and soon I’ll be doing my houseman in government hospital in Malaysia.

And I’ll try to updates my status every now and then and share my personal experiences with you all!

Dr Lim Shou Zhi, a Medical Doctor (M.D) graduated from NNSMA (Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy)

11 Responses to All About Me,Zhi

  1. Alicia says:

    Keep up the good work ^^
    Many patients nid u in the future!!!!

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Thx you very much! Will try my best in future!

  3. hyip says:

    Thanks for sharing All About Me,Zhi | Limshouzhi's Weblog with us keep update bro love your article about All About Me,Zhi | Limshouzhi's Weblog .

  4. limshouzhi says:

    thx,hehe…will keep it up!

  5. Your insight definitely fills a necessity. I have been trying to track down this type of content and you truly came through. Can you believe that everything you have written just about accurately replicates my very own experience.

  6. Chew Herng says:

    Nice to know you, shouzhi. I’m sure you’ll be a very good doctor.
    p/s: you look skinny in pict!

  7. Chew Herng says:

    well, i think i can improve my english too by reading your blog. keep up the work!:P

  8. limshouzhi says:

    Thx, let’s learn together…

  9. lijiun says:

    May you be a great doctor who can relieve suffering from others! Cheers!

  10. chee kong says:

    Hi Dr Lim

    Tell me how did you end up in NNSMA? I have a son whom i am persuading to take up medicine. I know that it is difficult to get into local university. So i am exploring overseas. Please advise me on cost, entry qualification, no of years, etc
    Thanks for reading

  11. limshouzhi says:

    Hi…regarding ur questions, actually my rate during tat time is lower compare to current situation, now I dunno how much it cost, but all of these I thk you can contact russian resources which is base in penang, I thk you can search online for the exact contact, and last thing I would like to ask. Are you sure your son r interested in taking medicine? This is not an easy path, once you’ve taken, there’s no u-turn, and many of my friends juz quit during their uni and now also lots of them quit during housemanship bcoz they cannot survive the harsh environment, after investing almost 1 million by their parents.medical field is hard n very competitive nowadays compared to old times, pls reconsider my advise.and do feel free to ask me anything u wan…

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