2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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…Northern Vietnam, by limshouzhi’s photography…

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Sharing some of my collections from Vietnam, by limshouzhi’s photography… Other entries about Vietnam… …Vietnam…Another  unforgettable journey… …Sapa, a great escape from the concrete jungle… …Venturing Halong Bay, the new seven wonders of nature… … Eat, pray, love in Hanoi, … Continue reading

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… Eat, pray, love in Hanoi, a paradise for everyone…

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… Eat, pray, love in Hanoi, a paradise for everyone… Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, heart of the administrative centers is an all time favorite for every travellers to venture into it for food, souvenirs, relaxation, culture, history and of … Continue reading

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…Venturing Halong Bay, the new seven wonders of nature…

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…Venturing Halong Bay, the new seven wonders of nature… Halong Bay, recognized as one of the new seven wonders of nature is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is located at the Gulf of Tonkin, consisting of some 1600 … Continue reading

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…Sapa, a great escape from the concrete jungle…

This gallery contains 15 photos.

…Sapa, a great escape from the concrete jungle… Sapa, a beautiful mountainous town in Northern Vietnam alongside with border of China, here are where several ethnic minority groups still continue their daily routine life with their own traditional way. This … Continue reading

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…Vietnam…Another unforgettable journey…

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…Vietnam…Another  unforgettable journey… Hi guys, your favorite blogger is back to blog sphere again… This time, I will share with you my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam… One of the most amazing trip ever … I’ve been  to Southern Vietnam about … Continue reading

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…My Pet, The Malaysian Rhinoceros Beetle…

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See, this is what I found in my hospital 2 days ago! Thanks to Nuraini who told me that he got lost somewhere in the pediatric ward… And thank god that our aborigines didn’t found him, if not I can’t … Continue reading

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好久都没有今天那么的空闲了,早上睡醒,端上一杯香喷喷的‘猫屎’咖啡,听着那悦耳的音乐,坐在自己的工作桌上, 寻找那已经遗失许久的灵感。。。部落格。。。 最近周边发生了很多事情,其中在民间最热腾腾的一个话题不过于我国马来西亚即将来领的第十三届大选, 其实心里是那么多的感想,那么多的无奈和愤怒, 奋不得和你们分享,但是由于课题过于敏感,所以在这里只能和你们卖个关子吧! 忙碌的生活和残酷的现实有时真的让我喘不过气来, 真叫人无奈。。。所以这几天我选择了把脚步放慢,并不时停下,把握这宝贵的光阴,留给自己那仅存的空间。。。呼吸着另一种空气,享受另一种环境,好让自己充充电,再勇往直前。 这几天,我和湘音去了一趟有神话岛屿之称的Langkawi岛,除了可以享受那里优美的大自然,当然还可以和久违的老朋友,国庆聚聚。。。 在那里,我暂时的将自己和现实脱离。。。彻底的把烦恼抛开。。。 睡醒时,我不需要在还没刷牙就要满脑子里都在想病人的病例,接下来的这一天会面对怎样的病人,和万一我遇到了要如何应对。 在那里,睡醒时我只需要知道早餐几点,和如何开心地和湘音度过,要到哪个旅游景点观光,当然还有寻找那失落已久摄影的感觉。。。 原来,生活可以这样过。。。

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My Dear Jerry…

My Dear Jerry…

Jerry photoscapeHe was once displayed behind the iron cage in the pet shop…

The day has come when he was destined to meet us when he was four months old…

As a puppy,

he gets over-excited about his surroundings.

he drives everyone crazy.

he barks until he gets your attention when things go wrong.

he never learns from the mistakes done every time after being punished.

And yet, he is the one, who is so dearie and always cheers up the people he loves …

And he is our dear Jerry…

We love you.

Jerry.1. photoscape jpg

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The beginning of the journey for the two of us!

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Chapter one, the beginning of the journey for the two of us! Guys, it’s been a while since I left blogging sphere, how are you guys? Well, February 2013 had been a busy month to me, for besides celebrating our … Continue reading

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